Sunday, March 25, 2012

Twitter Experience

I am officially an active Twitter member and boy am I overwhelmed. I am looking forward to connecting with other teachers who also enjoy technology and share their ideas. I did use the Twitter4Teachers wiki to find people that I felt I would share a connection with such as: third grade teachers, emints people, and educational technology. I am looking forward to what I will learn in the weeks ahead from this PLN.  I am also busy thinking of ways I might be able to utilize this resource within my classroom.  I was thinking I could use it to send parents who utilize it reminders and updates about upcoming events.

My twitter name is twatson82


  1. Hi Trisha. That is a really good idea to use twitter to send parents reminders and updates. I also used Twitter4teachers to find people to follow. Looking at the people they follow is helpful too. I've been spending more time reading tweets that those I'm interested in have been tweeting and that also helps you decide who you want to follow.

  2. Good luck digging in deeper to Twitter this week!