Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My First Twitter Chat

Okay, I successfully (I think) completed my first Twitter chat.  I was completely overwhelmed by this assignment I think because I am still a little overwhelmed by Twitter itself. For some reason Twitter and I do not seem to mesh, I am just not feeling it even though I can see the opportunities it has for teachers.  I will keep working on it though! 
I completed my Twitter chat with Really Good Stuff #teachchat.  The discussion was over common core standards  and how to still integrate the fun activities that we know that students need on occasions. I thought the discussion was great, especially since common core is a widely discussed topic in my own building right now.  I took away many creative ideas and head a lot of different viewpoint as well.  The participants were all active and all made good points and were able to see different perspectives as well.  I liked that there was someone leading the chat, it seemed to keep it very organized, moving, and stayed on topic.  The only thing I found challenging was it moved SUPER fast!  I think be a little unfamiliar with Twitter still made that even a little more difficult for me, but it was managable.  I have not yet found another Twitter chat, but I know that this chat takes place every other Wednesday at 8:00 central time and I plan on trying to participate in them.  They even gave out prizes....not that I won any though. 

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  1. The more you participate in the Twitter chats, the easier it gets. It is overwhelming at first. What kind of creative ideas did you take away?