Sunday, April 8, 2012

Social Networking Site Pinterest

For my social networking site I decided to investigate Pinterest.  I have used Pinterest before for personal fun, but there is a wealth of information on Pinterest for teachers though as well.  I have found almost anything imagainable for teachers:  printable resources, craft and project ideas, graphic organizers, and resources for literature units.  In regards to diversity, I was looking specifically for items for my remedial reading students.  These students are not necessarily considered SPED students but do require a lot of interventions in order to be succesful in school.  I came across the following blog ( from a Title One reading teacher.  This blog contains a lot of good ideas and printables for struggling readers.  I typed "struggling readers" into the search engine and the page was just loaded with printables, blogs, and hands on activities.  I also looked back at these students data to see exactly what reading skills they were lacking.  My district uses Acuity to assess students and track their mastery of grade level skills and as a MAP prediction test.  After pulling their data I typed the skills into the search engine and again was greeted by great ideas and blogs I can follow for even more ideas.  I also love the Pin It feature that allows me to save ideas/blogs that I find.  No more trying to remember where  I seen certain ideas or forgetting about them altogther!  Pinterest is yet another addition to my PLN!


  1. I'm glad to hear you now know Pinterest is so much more than just a personal resource.

  2. Trisha-

    I have used Pinterest for a while, but before this class I had never used the search field to find something specific. I just used the general "education" category to jump around. I love that the search gives me a way to look for more specific topics.